The Time is Always Right to Help Someone in Need

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Ryan McCann and the team at First National Real Estate Cleveland have continued their support for the not-for-profit organisation Drug ARM, which works tirelessly to improve the lives of people who have been harmed, either directly or indirectly, by alcohol and drug use. As a result of their ongoing financial support — a portion of each sale is donated to the organisation — 15 people have now been funded through Drug ARM rehabilitation and support programs, and are now looking at the future in a new light.

Drug ARM — An organisation that makes a real difference

Like so many not-for-profit organisations across the country, Drug ARM has made a real difference to the lives of numerous Australians by providing a variety of much-needed support programs that seek to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

In Queensland, this includes the Street Outreach Service (SOS), which provides essential services to at-risk individuals who are either homeless or escaping troubled situations at home by sleeping rough on the street. Other programs provided locally by Drug ARM include the Queensland Illicit Drug Initiative Program (QIDDI), which offers early intervention strategies for people referred by the police or courts, and Partners in Recovery (PIR), which aims to improve outcomes for people with complex mental health needs.

Happy holidays for all Queenslanders

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it the stresses of the holiday system. While most of us will be enjoying the weather and having a great time with family and friends, for many people in the community, the summer holiday season is a stressful time, one which for many families results in domestic violence, and increased alcohol and substance abuse.

As an organisation founded on Christian principles and values, and committed to providing caring, compassionate programs and services, Drug ARM has an important role to play over the Christmas and New Year period. And as someone who has been through a period of intense personal turmoil and emerged stronger due to the support of family and friends, Ryan McCann strongly believes in the charitable, compassionate work that Drug ARM performs. Without the support Ryan received from family, friends and the team at First National Real Estate Cleveland, he wouldn’t be where he is today — the #5 real estate agent in the First National network, surrounded by caring, wonderful people and appreciative of everything positive in his life.

Ryan encourages all Queenslanders to think about the people in our communities, young and old, male and female, who may be finding life tough going into the holiday season, and look for ways to help and provide support. Whether that assistance and support involves volunteering or donating to a not-for-profit organisation like Drug ARM, or by simply asking someone if they’re okay, taking a moment to listen and offering a kind word, there’s no better time to help someone in need. Let’s make this year, 2017, the year we all take the time to listen to someone who’s going through a rough patch, offer our support and show we care.


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