The Importance of Building Lasting Relationships

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When Ryan was starting his career as a real estate agent, he was door knocking around the Redland Bay area, looking for opportunities and had the good fortune to arrive on the doorstep of Chris and Virginia Anderson’s home at the right time.

Chris and Virginia were involved in property development and asked Ryan if he could give them a hand selling some of their spec homes. Naturally, Ryan said ‘Yes!’, and a mutually beneficial relationship was born, one which has endured to this day.

Over the past 17 years, Ryan McCann has sold nearly 100 properties for the couple, including a Cleveland penthouse last year for $2.8 million, which smashed the suburb’s record for the highest priced unit sold. Chris and Virginia have recently entrusted the sale of their family home to Ryan and couldn’t be happier with his efforts.

The power of mutually beneficial relationships

Ryan’s ongoing relationship with Chris and Virginia shows how chance meetings can blossom into mutually beneficial relationships. Ryan McCann and the team at First National Cleveland have benefited from the business the couple has sent their way, while they’ve never had to shop around for a passionate local real estate agent who always has their best interests in mind.

Moreover, by promoting and selling the couple’s development properties across Cleveland and the surrounding areas, Ryan has accumulated invaluable local knowledge and experience which enables him to deliver the best results for all local buyers and sellers, including the highly successful Redland Bay-based couple.

When opportunity knocks, open the door

Sometimes we need an opportunity to get a foot in the door and gain the experience and develop the skills necessary to successfully forging a strong career, and that’s exactly what Chris and Virginia have presented Ryan with — an opportunity to pursue a dream and own it.

With his love of property, Ryan has always dreamed of a career in real estate. However, without that chance meeting all those years ago, it may have taken him much longer to hone his property appraisal skills and develop the comprehensive understanding of local market conditions that enables clients like Chris and Virginia to trust Ryan’s judgement, ability and commitment implicitly. That’s why they entrust him with their personal portfolio, including the sale of 8 Sentinel Court, Raby Bay, the most exciting waterfront home to hit the market in the last 12 months.

You can read Chris and Virginia’s review of Ryan McCann and the First National team here.

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